As a wife, mother, and career woman, I know a lot about corporate burnout, stress in the work place and managing fear and anxiety in tough situations.
I’ve been an international news journalist for most of my life. More recently, I’ve tried my hand at entrepreneurship, media relations, and non-profit work. Many of these changes have been in the pursuit of a more balanced life.

For 16 years of my life, I was an international TV news journalist and I was blessed to travel the globe and climb to the top of the career ladder in Corporate America. I was everything from a producer to a reporter, to the head of a New York City newsroom, and a regional multimedia editor

After the birth of my second child, I suffered some health setbacks and was also on the precipice of burnout and I desperately needed to find balance in my life. I had been trying to do everything perfectly. I had kept adding more to my plate, but I'd forgotten to nourish myself.  In 2016, spurred on by my need for a healthier lifestyle, as well as my hunger to create a heart-centered business from scratch, I turned my attention away from 24/7 news coverage and began my own yoga company aimed at helping others beat stress, overcome burnout and find more balance in their lives. I also founded an initiative, Making Mats Matter, that turns old yoga mats into sleeping mats for the homeless. 

I believe that life should be an avenue for us to constantly experiment with new opportunities, continually learn new skills, discover new experiences, challenge ourselves in new ways, and reinvent ourselves as many times as we want. I also believe that philanthropy should be at the forefront of everything that we do.
I urge people, especially working women, to make changes in their lives to allow themselves to be more in control, more independent and bigger dreamers and to help shape the world for themselves -- leaving it a better place than it was before.

In my creative time, I love to write, cook, dabble in interior design, and I sing jazz at open mic nights in Manhattan. With my husband and my two little boys, I'm proud to call New Jersey my home.

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I first became a certified Yin Yoga Teacher back in 2007 in Malaysia, when I studied under Victor Chng.
During a hiatus from news, I decided to pursue my 200-hour YogaWorks certification under the leadership of Chrissy Carter in Manhattan and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.
Today, through my company, Jen Atkinson Yoga, I aim to make yoga accessible to everyone – regardless of their shape, size, fitness level, income or social status. For me, yoga is a lifestyle. It's not just a 60-minute studio class. And I'm constantly learning, improving and seeking out new ways to further my own yoga practice and to help others get onto their mats. 

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